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Welcome to my blog! I'm Jean and I created this blog as a means to share some of the cards that I have been making and any other creative project that I take on. I have a wonderful son who I love very much and spend most of my time caring for. During Connor's nap time, I rush to finish freelance writing projects and Spanish translations. I love running, swimming, spinning classes, and have recently gotten into step aerobics and yoga. I sing, play the piano and organ, am very involved in church, and I also have a cooking blog.

One of my defining values is the idea that all people have an incredible amount of potential. In order to reach our potential, we have to devote time and effort to improving our talents and achieving our goals. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; what defines us is how we choose to use that time.

I started scrapbooking after the birth of my first child. Her name was Ashlyn. She was born nearly four months premature and only lived for a few days. Those few days dramatically impacted my life and completely changed the way I saw the world.

My mom encouraged me to preserve Ashlyn's story in a scrapbook, which I worked on nearly every day for the next three months until it was finished. As I spent time preserving memories of her, I felt like I got to know my sweet daughter. I could feel that she was still with me, in a way; and I knew that she would be part of our family forever.

After that, I continued to use creative projects as a way to express my feelings and to help other people. I have found that I prefer making cards to scrapbooking because it is a shorter project that I can do from start to finish in a single sitting, and that I can give away. I also do some sewing. I usually do simple sewing projects - blankets and things - but sometimes I'll make a skirt or some other clothing item.

I hope that you can use my projects as inspiration and that you find fulfillment in the way that you choose to use your time.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your card/craft making skills! You are amazingly talented and I feel so lucky to know you! Looking forward to seeing more posts!:)