Card Making Basics

When I was first learning how to do scrapbooking and cards, I kept asking people what some of the "rules" for scrapbooking were. Aside from knowing what tools and products to use, what were some card making basics? The answers I got were usually vague and sounded something like: "Just use paper and embellishments that complement each other. Do whatever looks good to you." Nobody seemed to be able to explain why certain things look good or not.

As I have spent time looking at different styles and techniques, I realize that there really is a certain set of composition guidelines that can help you to know what looks good and what doesn't. There are also trends that go in and out of style in the scrapbooking and graphic design world. Interestingly, a lot of these things cross over into fashion, home decorating, and photography. In this series, I will try to share some of the card making basics that I have learned over time.

Tip #1: Rule of Thirds

Tip #2: Matting

Tip #3: Focal Point

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