Crafting on a Budget

The other day I was reading some 2004 statistics on scrapbooking. According to those statistics, the average novice scrapbooker owned more than $1000 of supplies and the dedicated scrapbooker owned more than $2000 of supplies. And it totally didn't surprise me at all! Buying new supplies can be tempting, especially if they are on a great sale.

This series is going to give you tips and suggestions on how to make cute cards without spending a fortune on supplies. Believe me, it can be done! It may take a little bit more time and a little bit of self-discipline, but it will also (hopefully) keep you from being one of those people who ends up being a scrapbook supply collector rather than an actual scrapbooker.

Tip #1: Don't be a Supply Hoarder

Tip #2: Never Pay Full Price

Tip #3: Buy Used Supplies

Tip #4: Use the Computer

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